fuel-tank-dentNEVER DO THIS:

Before you ever consider destroying a perfectly good motorcycle tank and tossing away your tanks’ only original finish, please call us and text a photo to so we can evaluate the damage. In most cases you can both eliminate the dents and preserve your original finish in the same repair. Many advances in PDR has made it possible to do so much more with metal and even aluminum tanks in the recent years. Even if you’re one of those cases that end up just beyond the reach of PDR, you will have lost nothing but some time investigating a possible solution that could save you 100’s of dollars of resale value!


tank-before-after-exampleYou owe it to yourself and the value of your motorcycle to explore PDR as the best solution to almost any damage. The results are nothing short of amazing!

We can either come to you if you are in the Dallas Texas Area, or we can arrange to have it shipped to us, subsequently repaired and shipped back safely so that no further damage will come to the tank.

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